Thursday, June 30, 2011


I really am blessed.

I have friends who are truly amazing. I love them so much and what's more is that they love me.

They love me. I'm far from perfect. I definitely have my faults. I don't always answer emails on time. I sometimes leave them when they need me. I don't give them what they need. But still,

They love me.
Katherine and I
These are the friends who encourage me when I am down in the depths of despair.
Jeremy and I. He's the best "big brother" ever.
These are the friends who I can trust with my whole heart.
Lidia and I
These are the friends who lift me up in prayer and who are always positive and ready to tell me that Jesus is good.
Veronica and I
These are the friends I can get really hyper with. They've seen me at 2 in the morning and they still like me.
Anna and I
These are the friends who know that I wish I was there so they send me pictures.
These are the friends that hold me when I cry and recite scripture to me until I'm okay again.
She's engaged!!! So happy for her and her prince!!! (Miss Elizabeth and I)
These are the friends that come running down the road and jump into my arms when they haven't seen me in two whole weeks.
Katherine and I again. :)
These are the friends who share my love of photography.
These are the friends who share big family jokes with me,
Naomi and I
 and who brighten my day with their sweetness,
Genevieve and I

 These are the friends whose purpose in life is to give God all the glory.

Yes, I may not be perfect. Yes, I'm only 14. Yes, I have faults. But yes, Jesus is good. Yes, this is only a small portion of my friends. Yes, they are the best friends in the whole world. Yes, I know that Jesus is the Best Friend ever. Yes, these friends draw me so much closer to Him.
Yes, I am blessed.


Elizabeth Joy said...

Hey beautiful! :-D SO happy our blogs connected! What a precious tribute. God is so good, isn't He? Hope you're having a beautiful summer. Love you!!!

~Miss E

Josh said...

Hi Lindsey,
It is such a blessing to have God-given friends to encourage and grow with us along the way.

Thank you for the comment on my blog. I was completely surprised to see "Beast" after my name as well. God is good and I look forward to seeing Him work this year!