Saturday, June 4, 2011

We have a Church

The past few weeks our church has had a problem with the air conditioner. That seems trivial until you get several hundred people packed into the pews. The heat is distracting and many people are fanning themselves with their programs and glancing longingly at the slight breeze blowing in the window.

After we sang a few opening songs, our youth pastor got on stage and said,

"I know that it's a little hot in here. We are aiming to have the air conditioning problem fixed by next week. But as I was sitting in my seat, I remembered that we have a church with air conditioning. We have a church. We have a solid building over our head and we have the freedom to be here. We don't have to meet in secret or hiding. We aren't meeting outside in the blazing sun or pouring rain. When you are thinking about how hot you are this morning, just remember how blessed we are."

I just thought that this was an amazing remark. It broke through people's "I'm so hot." "This is going to be the longest church service ever" and turned it into good.

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