Monday, October 17, 2011

Where are you going?

{I read this today and was greatly blessed by it. I'm hoping you are too. It is by James Orr and I believe it is from the book, How to Live a Holy Life.}


We have only one life to live--only one. Think of this for a moment. Here we are in this world of time, making the journey of life. Each day we are farther from the cradle--and nearer to the grave! Solemn thought! See the mighty concourse of human lives; hear their heavy tread in their onward march. Some are just beginning life's journey; some are midway up the hill, some have reached the top, and some are midway down the western slope. But where are we all going? Listen, and you will hear but one answer, "Eternity!" Beyond the fading, dying gleams of the sunset of life--lies a boundless, endless ocean called Eternity! There, you and I are daily traveling.

Time is like a great wheel going its round. On and on it goes. Some are stepping on--and some are stepping off. But where are these latter stepping? Into eternity! See that old man with bent form, snow-white locks, and tottering steps. His has been a long round, but he has reached his end at last. See the middle-aged man. His round has not been so long, but he must also step off. See the youth. He has been on only a little while--but he is brought to the stepping-off place. He thought his round would be much longer. He supposed that he was just getting started--when that icy hand was laid upon him and the usher said, "Come, you have made your round, and you must go!" The infant that gave its first faint cry this morning--may utter its last feeble wail tonight. And thus they go. But where? Oh, where? Eternity!

If you were to start today and ask each person you met the question, "Where are you going?" and, if possible, you were to travel the world over and ask each one of earth's inhabitants--there could be but one answer, "Eternity!"

"Oh, eternity, Long eternity!
Hear the solemn footsteps of eternity!"

Only one life to live! Only one life--and then we must face vast, endless eternity! We shall pass along the pathway of life but once. Every step we take--is a step that can never be taken again.

This world is not a play-ground--or a place to trifle with time. Life is not given us to squander nor fritter away. To trifle away time, is indeed, to be the greatest of spendthrifts. If you squander a dollar--you may regain it; but a moment wasted--can never be regained. God gives us all the time we need to accomplish all that He purposes us to accomplish--but He does not give us one moment to trifle away.

We have only one life to live--only one.

Friday, October 14, 2011

A Simple Gift

Our World Vision Christmas gifts catalog came yesterday.

Since then, scarcely an hour as gone by with someone looking at it- whether it's K and I or the twins "finding the duck."

We've been "picking our presents" too. I'm thinking about a goat, while Kristin is considering some chickens. Nicholas -sweet thing- picked out the cow. I think he might be buying in on my goat though. :)

Have you received the catalog yet? It's really worth looking at and there's so much you can do; build a well, buy bicycles and school uniforms, plant fruit trees and dig fish ponds. You can provide a family with a whole farm or just an animal or two.

These gifts mean so much more then you could ever imagine. Tasting a fresh egg or warm milk for the first time is an experience that we would take for granted, but for a little boy in Africa, it might be just what he needs to press on- to know that his life is worth living and that he can make beauty out of the ashes.

And really? You can buy a set of chickens for the price of that scarf you were just looking at. {ahem.}

So click over. Let Jesus pull your heart towards what He wants you to give. Pray for these people. And then come back and tell me what you bought. 'cause I love hearing how my Savior works. :)


Friday, October 7, 2011

Because some days...

Some days the school piles on and and siblings are angry and I just want to scream.

Some days my fingers hit the keys all wrong and the music that is supposed to come out doesn't.

Some day the pages of the Book seem dry and I just can't find the strength to go on.

But the friends pray. They text and they email, their hugs hold me tight, with simple words that mean so much.
Through Him... You can be strong.

And then...

Somedays the schedule works perfectly and the day ends with a sigh of satisfaction.

Somedays my music is beautiful again.

Somedays I can't get enough.

Somedays I am gleeful.

Somedays I miss them.

But every night before bed, as I look over my day, my week, my year,

I think to myself,


And Somedays?

That's all that matters.