Friday, October 14, 2011

A Simple Gift

Our World Vision Christmas gifts catalog came yesterday.

Since then, scarcely an hour as gone by with someone looking at it- whether it's K and I or the twins "finding the duck."

We've been "picking our presents" too. I'm thinking about a goat, while Kristin is considering some chickens. Nicholas -sweet thing- picked out the cow. I think he might be buying in on my goat though. :)

Have you received the catalog yet? It's really worth looking at and there's so much you can do; build a well, buy bicycles and school uniforms, plant fruit trees and dig fish ponds. You can provide a family with a whole farm or just an animal or two.

These gifts mean so much more then you could ever imagine. Tasting a fresh egg or warm milk for the first time is an experience that we would take for granted, but for a little boy in Africa, it might be just what he needs to press on- to know that his life is worth living and that he can make beauty out of the ashes.

And really? You can buy a set of chickens for the price of that scarf you were just looking at. {ahem.}

So click over. Let Jesus pull your heart towards what He wants you to give. Pray for these people. And then come back and tell me what you bought. 'cause I love hearing how my Savior works. :)


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