Monday, September 26, 2011

A Night to Remember

It started with a simple conversation around the picnic table on August 31st. We were in a giddy mood because we were finally at camp, and it was showing itself in our speech. “Did you know that Abigail and Brian are eating dinner on top of the dune tonight and watching the sunset?” turned into “Today’s a really good day....” and then we started wedding plans. It was all in fun though, and we knew better then to expect anything. Soon it was sunset time and the whole idea was forgotten.

Time laughed and soon the sun was gone. Maddie, Arie and I searched for sea glass as the waves frolicked around our feet. Nan and Lid had gone back to camp when I saw Beagle and Brian with Mr. and Mrs. L___ walking towards the road. Being as impulsive as I am, and seeing as I hadn’t hugged her yet, I ran up and threw my arms around her. However, in less then a minute, I was summoned back to a growing group of girls and waved good bye.

A trip up the dunes was in the works, but I declined. I needed to stay with my “charges” and we told everyone to go on without us and have fun. After a bit more searching, we decided to stop at the restroom and then head back to camp.

As we rambled up the sand, Lidia came by on her bike and called, “Montanna has something to tell you.” My first thought was okay, we aren’t going swimming tonight. But then Nan came riding up and exclaimed, “Lindsey. Abigail’s engaged!”

I think I just stopped dead for a pure second, not contemplating what that really meant. Then... I screamed. and kicked off my shoes (have you tried running in flipflops?!?!?) and screamed again. Suddenly the dreams and plans of the past months had become a reality.

Jesus had worked so much though this whole night. Besides working out the perfect story between the newly-engaged couple, He kept me from climbing the dune with my other friends and in many other places I saw His hand.

Nan rode back for my shoes as I stumbled across two parking lots and a rough woodchip path. It only took a minute more of searching before I shrieked again and ran into her arms. In the brief period when time stood still, it had grown dark and she shone a flashlight on her hand so I could see her ring. It was gorgeous.

The rest of the night was a flurry of excitement and calling Katherine and Jeremy and Did you hear? Did you see it? AHHHH!! We finally settled down around W_____’s fire to let the news finally sink in; although the whole next week someone would exclaim “Guess what! Beagle’s engaged!!!!” and we would all shriek and scream again. But before the clock struck eleven, we headed for the bathrooms -finally!!- and then fell into bed. And we all knew that this camping trip could not be any more perfect.

Photo by Mrs. B
*Abigail is the sister of one of my very best friends, and she is an amazing, gorgeous woman of God. Montanna and I have been planning her wedding for months and we're all so excited to finally attend it this summer. I'm going to cry. and it will be beautiful. That's all I know. :)*

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