Thursday, May 3, 2012

A Prayer Surprise

I sank to the step, my stomach churning in the darkness of the room offstage left. I couldn't figure out why I felt so strange, and I could only ask the Lord to take away the ache and pain to let me perform this show at 100%.  People walked in and out of the room- staying quiet as to not interrupt the ongoing show. I heard steps and ignored them, but this time- they stopped.
"Hey Lindsey? Are you okay?" The masculine voice caused me to look up and I saw Andy standing there. Smiling weakly, I explained that I wasn't feeling very well, but I'd be okay. Looking at me straight in the eye, he asked "Well, is it okay if I pray with you?"

"Of course," I murmured and he took a seat beside me and placed his arm around my shoulders. His voice was sincere and strong as he called upon the Lord to heal me and keep me strong. When he closed, it was all I could do to get out a heartfelt "Thank you" as he left to make his next stage entrance.
Why did it surprise me that someone would care enough to pray with me? Truth hit me as I realized that this should not be a rare occurrence, that when something is wrong or someone is hurting, the natural response should be to pray with them.

I've prayed with people before, but it's not always my first response. Andy has inspired me to not hesitate to take someone before the Lord. Will you let him inspire you also?

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Elizabeth said...

Wow, Lindsey. That's awesome. :) Was this last Tuesday night? I'm so glad you're feeling better! Prayer is really powerful. I think we're just often too busy to either take a moment to stop and pray, or we don't open our eyes to see how God works after we pray - cause lots of times, we don't truly believe He will answer our prayers. How different could this world be if we took the time to pray for one another, believed with all of our hearts that the Lord could answer our prayer, and open our eyes to see when He does?!? :)

Love you!