Friday, March 2, 2012

A Peek Behind the Scenes... (Part 2)

So here we go again! I apologize for the quality of some of these pictures... the lighting kinda stinks in the Colt Center.
Praying before the show
The bed had rolled over her ankle. It was bruised for about a week, but she was fine.
Three of the flower mommas
I kinda love what having my camera on "no flash" did here.
Giving God back the glory before even leaving the stage
Fly Guy

And thus starts the Eli manipulation...
So did you enjoy seeing a bit of what life was like? I wish I could have captured everything, the private jokes, the edifying conversation, the flurry of the hair and makeup room and the peace of quiet time. But one can only seize the moments that they don't fully participate in, and I was in the thick of things most of the time. I'm not upset I didn't grab those things, those fleeting moments- I feel so blessed that I could lift my camera and snap the shots that I did take.

Here's to more memories, improved camera skills, and a whole new show coming in late April- early May! I can hardly wait. :)

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Carli Nicole said...

Wow! This seriously looks like so much fun!!