Wednesday, March 28, 2012

No More {on being a chameleon and a brief review of Monumental}

For way too long, I was a chameleon.

It started back years ago, when I was the quietest, shyest girl you could have imaged. It was easiest just to agree and nod. I mean, if I said what I thought- people might actually notice me, they might scorn me. And I couldn't do that, could I?

But recently, I've took a stand. It's come slowly, starting with the little things at HPA.

Why, no, I don't listen to ____.
No, I doesn't really have an interest in watching ____.
Actually, I hardly watch any tv at all.

Even going to Christian school for K & 2-3, I was always the conservative one. I didn't watch the popular movies. I didn't even use the "s" word (stupid) or other words that I shan't mention on here. I stuck out as the girl who hardly said anything, and thus, I didn't have many (any?) friends.

And still, HPA isn't perfect. and I'm still the conservative one. But the funny thing is: I don't mind anymore. I get sad sometimes, wondering how things could ever work out, but I'm okay with it now. I have an amazing group of friends who - even if they don't agree with me on a certain topic- still love me and accept me for who I am.

Example: That new movie, the one hitting box offices all over America, Hunger Games. At our house, it hasn't even been talked about. Kristin and I have no interest whatsoever in watching people slaughter each other. and paying for it? This is the stuff that we race to find the off button on the remote for.

And is it God honoring? What about "You shall not murder?" What are we supporting with our time, with our money and our lives by watching something like this?

And a few days ago, I took a huge step and actually told someone why I didn't like The Hunger Games, why I wasn't planning on watching it, and where the Bible says it is wrong. No, my words didn't flow smoothly, yes, I stumbled, but it was good. I had peace about the whole thing.

And then last night, my family went to watch Kirk Cameron's Monumental. It was amazing. Such a beautiful picture of what our country used to be and yet horrifying how changed we have become. One of my favorite quotes would have had to be:
The Congress were the first to print Bibles in the United States and do you know what they were for? The schools. Congress wanted to get the Word of God into the hands of families and students all over the country.
Go see this movie, people. If it's not showing close to you, you can demand it come to a theater close to you here.

Let's show Obama that Christians are more then people who sit around and go to church occasionally. We care and we want change. Not healthcare, but positive change. We want liberty and justice.

We want to be able to worship our God.

What are you gonna do about it?


Anders said...

Bravo! :-)


I will belong to Christ, The Lord.
And God by two did me afford.
My parents’ love I carry on.
By me they once addressed The Son.

Jenna said...

No "Hunger Games" in this home either...keep taking a stand for Christ, Lindsey:)