Saturday, March 31, 2012

Joy is...

Joy is an intensive, good practice even after this.

Joy is walking and talking with her during our breaks.

Joy is the beautiful plants in bloom.
Joy is seeing three dear friends at Pizza Hut.

Joy is banana chocolate chip muffins, fresh from the oven.
Joy is having watched all five since 8:30, and having it be a good day.

Joy is getting to see EJ, Josh, Jenna, Elizabeth, Breanne and Brooklyn in Beauty and the Beast tonight.

Joy is also getting to see Veronica, Anna, Katherine and Annie tonight.
Joy is the knowledge that Jesus has provided for our needs already, we just have to wait and see what He has planned.

At this moment, what is joy to you?

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Elizabeth said...

At this moment, joy is watching the Lord's Faithfulness through a week when it's been hard to trust. Joy is being surrounded by amazing friends who are always encouraging you, always gently turning you back to the Lord when you start to wander. Joy is praying together before and after shows. Joy is standing on the stage, with the lights in your eyes, looking out over a sold-out house, praising the Lord for His Goodness. Joy is hearing that your friend is alright after coming back from the ER. Joy is tasting and seeing that THE LORD IS GOOD!!!