Monday, February 27, 2012

A Peek Behind the Scenes... (Part One)

Here's more of the pictures I promised you on Friday... Welcome to the secretive area of "backstage." :)
A few of the Dads that flew Sam and Tanner every night.
Older sisters like to "come back" and lend a helping hand.
Naomi and her left prop table... she was an amazing props mistress. :)
okay, isn't Christianna gorgeous? and she's so much fun.
A tray of food for Augustus Gloop's "I Eat More" dance
Keeping the Word of God readily available... sitting on the props table.
And the afternoon show starts...
A sign on the stage door... reminding us why we're doing this. (and those who know me well might recognize the handwriting... *cough*)
All the cans of gray hair spray we used...
A golden ticket... we had so many printed up that they were laying everywhere.
"extra strength" :)
Our monitor so that we can check where the show is at.
The order of the show, costume changes and song numbers. This was so nice to have blown up so big!
They were checking out the photo shoot pictures...
I think they were checking out the program
Nan watching Greta for Mrs. H.
Lights! Cameras! er, Naomi. :)

Pairs of Oompa sock drying
The harnesses the Dads wore so they didn't drop the guys
Cade's final devotion for the cast... remembering to glorify God. I didn't make it into every devotion during show week, but I was greatly blessed by those I did hear.
Ahh, I thought I could fit everything in one post, but I'm guessing that you're getting tired already. Part Two on Friday. :)

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