Friday, September 9, 2011


Lately... Life has been laid back.
We've done a lot of "home" things... the things that keep you busy and add excitement without having to go places.
It's been quiet (as quiet as a house full of 6 children can get) and peaceful. most of the time.

And it's been a learning time. I've been reading and studying lots, and my Bible is bringing me lots of new truths.
Not only reading and studying for fun, but looking for a HPA monologue too. :)
Now that school has started, I've got some great stuff for you all. Reflections, stories, and pictures from our summer, along with explanations as to what HPA is and why it means so much to me.

Coming soon... with all you in mind!

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Elizabeth said...

Looking forward to hearing more!! Btw, you mentioned looking for HPA monologues - which one did you choose? I ended up writing my own. :)