Friday, February 24, 2012

Wonka Pictures

I thought you all might want to see some pictures from this Wonka thing I keep talking about. I decided not to post all 104 edited ones... :) just a few favorites from closing night. I might post more later.

She was so enthralled by him and his wheelchair...
...It was adorable.
We called them our "big hair peeps"... yes, it's all natural. Luke's does that with just the smallest bit of combing and Marissa's... is teased. a lot.
The schedule for closing... it was a full, beautiful day.
The piano was constantly playing... even when everyone was in costume.
This is my favorite Wonka picture... is it not SO cute?!?! Greta Faith and Sam (Charlie)
I have a "behind the scenes" post too... going to be posted Monday. Let's say there's some goofy faces, tired people, the joy of the Lord and a whole lotta prayer. :)

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