Wednesday, January 4, 2012

This is why

I don't volunteer to get my name in a program.

and I could {very easily} do without being called up in front of a cast with a proclamation of "These are your crew members. Can we give them a round of applause?"

I don't even volunteer to make the friends that always do come out of show weeks- although that is a huge perk- or to find flowers or candy in the bucket with my name on it.

Why, then, does this early bird summit herself to nights of being up past 11 for three weeks?

Why does she go to apply makeup to the faces of a cast, clean counters and sinks- with nasty smelling cleaner, pinch her fingers in the wood of the sets and burn them on curling irons?
Picture by Montanna- of Anna and I. Can you tell we're exhausted?
Why does she come to HPA in the early morning and stay late and get behind in school and projects and just life in general?

I do what I do out of the desperate prayer that someone will need Christ and that, through me- sinful, very-much-imperfect, 14 year old me- they see a way to lean on the Savior, a way to find His joy in the mundane, and to show His love to everyone.

If the life of one person is even touched by me for Christ in the upcoming weeks of Willy Wonka, then everything, everything, will be worth it.

And for this girl, that's enough.

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