Tuesday, November 22, 2011

After All the Hairspray Washes Out...

On Saturday, my family was so blessed to attend the wedding of Miss Elizabeth, our darling, gorgeous, assistant director for HPA. Now I haven't been to a wedding in 6-7 years, but I don't think I'm biased when I say that it had to have been one of the most beautiful weddings ever.

Now I don't have pictures. (Sorry, Josh!) I know, what blogger goes anywhere without her camera? Obviously this one. But one of my best friends took tons and I'll try to post some of those... maybe.

So today I'm counting wedding gifts, like so many others.

87. The thrills of excitement pulsing through out our house as we got ready
88. A new dress that I love
89. Hugs from the "D" family and Brooklyn as soon as we arrived
90. Josh escorting us to our seats really early, so we could sit and talk and plan and giggle.
91. Beautiful harp music 
92. Sarah Grace's encouraging words to the ring bearer and flower girls as they came down the aisle
 93. Beautiful vows
94. The bride and groom washing eachother's feet
95. The tears that were shed
96. In Christ Alone- I love that song!
97. Talking to Jenna back by the punch table.
98. Seeing friends who I hadn't seen in so long, such as Zach and Arie, Brooklyn, Libby, Genevieve, Mr. Cole and Annie.
99. Delicious cake :)
100. Hugging the bride
101. Utter happiness
102. The glee of our secret as we lined the halls
103. The look on Courtney's face when she squealed "Don't stop! Keep talking!"
104. The Wedding version of "So Long, Farewell" and "Farewell, Titanic"
105. The joy on their faces
106. The releasing of lanterns- in Tangled fashion
107. The screams and cheers and "We love you"s that followed their car
108. Goodbye hugs
109. A ride home

This painting made me smile, as I had two little three year olds watching me get ready. :)

I'm going to try to edit the song video we got and I'll try to get those pictures too! :)


Elizabeth said...

Oh!! Sounds like it was so much fun and beautiful... I know most of those people, too. :D I would LOVE to see pictures!!!!

Jenna said...

Hi Lindsey,

It was an absolutely beautiful and GOD-glorifying wedding!! So precious to see many of the people that Elizabeth has touched with her joyful heart come together and witness her union with Tom - they are a gorgeous couple.

Very nice to meet you Lindsey...Lord willing we'll see you again soon either at Wonka practice, performance?, or Beast!

Many blessings,

dsblanchard said...

I am visiting here from Ann's. I can just feel the excitement in your post! Lots of energy and it's nice that it is in the form of thanksgiving. So much in the world today is not.

God bless you,

Elizabeth Joy said...

You are so precious, Lindsey! Tom and I are so excited to see how the Lord will continue directing our lives, as He has so faithfully directed us to one another and into so many people's lives (like you). Much love from Florida and excited to see you again soon! :)