Monday, June 10, 2013

I will write.

I've changed a lot this year. There have been big things in my friends' lives that have changed me: babies, relationships, cancer and suicide. There have also been "little" things: a show, a friend, a phrase, a moment. Through it all, I respond in two ways. My sister and I have many late night conversations in our room, and I write. Both are ways that I pour out my heart, and both God uses to sooth my soul.

Writing- for me- has become more than just a refuge, though. It's become a way that I can serve, can encourage, can minister. I can use my writing to catalog memories, to build someone up, and to sweetly prove a point.

I know that Jesus can speak through words on a page, and that's why I keep writing. If He can use my words to help another, then I will stay up until crazy hours of the night, the keyboard clicking constantly under my fingertips. I will endure cramped hands, paper cuts, and dead computer batteries.

My life goal is to glorify God. If writing does that...

I will write.

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