Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Heaven is the Face of a Little Girl {Mallory Kate}

She's one week old.

I hold her in my arms and breathe in her fresh baby smell.

Not even 7 pounds, the furry blanket she's wrapped in probably weighs more than she does.
Photos from our hospital visit | Mallory at 34 hours old
I love her.

I love every part of her.

The way her downy hair covers her head.
The way her eyes blink in the light and the way she squiggles her face all up when it's too bright.

The way her wrist is too tiny for her hospital band and so it has to be on her upper arm.

It's incredible the way that love can grab hold of your heart and you know, oh, you know, that it will never let go.
She's been in my arms twice and I'm head over heels.

I adore her.

God is so good.

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