Friday, August 24, 2012

A Break

My dear, sweet friends,

well, it's been a while, hasn't it? Oh, I know I posted, but it hasn't been me. Summer is not good to my thinking/writing skills.

Consequently, I will be taking a blogging/computer break during September. This break has several different reasons.
  1. to help me focus on Jesus and my devotion time
  2. to start me off on a good foot for this school year
  3. to give me time to keep working on my photography and to start my journal up again
  4. and just to stay focused on what is truly important.
I'm planning on being completely off-line except for a very few (no more then 15) minutes a day to check and reply to emails. I'm so excited to see what Jesus is going to do with the next month of my life. (Comments go directly to my email, so, if you need to contact me, that's a way to do it.)

See you all in October! :)

Thank you for your love.

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